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Last Updated: Monday 27th April 2015 1527hr CET

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  • Environmental Impact Statement on Delimara Gas and Power Station Combined Cycle Gas Turbine and Liquified Natural Gas receiving, storage, and gasification facilities:
  • Capital Investment to support Artisinal Agricultural Activity:
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Joseph Farrugia Mayor
Kevin Barun Zghazagh, Ghaqdiet Lokali, Sport u PRO
Joseph Baldacchino Finanzi, ICT, Xogħlijiet, Servizzi Socjali u Sahha
Carmelo Cachia Ambjent u Tindif ta’ Postijiet Pubblici
Bernardette Pace Edukazzjoni, Kultura u Turizmu u Attivitajiet Socjali
Charles Muscat Playing-fields, Ġonna, Enforcement u Civil Protection
Stanley Zammit Settur Kummerċjali, Maniġġjar tat-Traffiku u Dawl


An archipelago at the centre of the Mediterranean with a wealth of heritage. Home once to ancient civilisations and Europe’s nobles. Malta’s location at the heart of the Mediterranean is the key to its rich history.

At the crossroads of maritime routes, the Islands have been a home, stronghold, trading post and refuge over 7000 years of history. From temple builders, seafaring Phoenicians and the traveller Apostle Paul, to the Knights of St John, Napoleon and British royalty - all have set foot here leaving their imprint for you to discover.

The Islands have several World Heritage sites: the enigmatic, prehistoric temples; Malta’s baroque capital Valletta, founded by the Knights; Click here >>


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  • Doc A Technical - Appendix_D1 ::: Click here >>
  • Doc A Technical - Appendix_D2 ::: Click here >>
  • Doc B CBA - Edward Mallia ::: Click here >>
  • Doc C Health Effects - Jason Bonnici ::: Click here >>
  • Main Document - Micallef & Cacopardo::: Click here >>